Google Trends for Gold and Bitcoin

Posted on Do 08 Juni 2017 in misc • Tagged with Gold, Bitcoin • 1 min read

It appears that the search 'Gold' is more popular than 'Bitcoin.' Only time will tell if this remains the same.

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Gold At $1000? Or $2000?

Posted on Di 01 Juli 2008 in misc • Tagged with Gold • 1 min read

Although I’m still on vacation, I had to pop in and check on what the markets are doing. Stepping away from the markets is a great way to change your perspective and hopefully see any traps I might be stumbling into.

Gold has finally started getting active again, probably …

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Gold:Top Or Just The Beginning?

Posted on Fr 07 Dezember 2007 in misc • Tagged with Gold • 2 min read

Babak posted about a possible double top forming in Gold (and Oil) in his blog a few days ago. While I agree with his technical analysis on the daily charts, I disagree with his conclusion that Gold has topped out. In my mind, Gold is driven 80% by fundamental reasons …

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Gold Trend Remains Up

Posted on Di 24 April 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with Gold, Trends • 1 min read

Just a quick snapshot from my Gold model. I created and use a machine learned/neural net model to generate BUY/SELL/HOLD signals. This particular model analyzed several input variables and then selected the best one based on a genetic algorithm. The trend remains UP. :)

Gold, Trends

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