Google Duplex and Google Assistant

Posted on Mi 09 Mai 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with Google, Deep Learning, NLP • 1 min read

File this under damn cool! This feature alone would lead me to consider ditching my Alexa and iPhone for a Google Home and Android phone.

I'm so busy juggling work, life, and kids around that just having a 'digital' assistant to make reservations, appointments, and set my schedule is just …

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Data Science and Machine Learning Education

Posted on Mo 16 April 2018 in misc • Tagged with Data Science, Google, TensorFlow • 1 min read

When I first self-taught myself 'data science,' there wasn't a lot on the Internet to help me. I spent years cobbling information together reading what I could find about it. Now, there's a plethora of Data Science and Machine Learning education available. There's forums, open source libraries and much much …

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AlphaGO Zero learns on its own

Posted on Do 19 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with Google, AlphaGo, Zero, Deep Learning, Machine Learning • 1 min read

The news dropped that Google's new implementation of AlphaGo, called AlphaGO Zero, was able to learn completely on its own. No training set was first used, rather it built it's own training set as it played against the older AlphaGO.

Earlier versions of AlphaGo were taught to play the game …

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