Groovy for Data Science

Posted on 2020-01-17 in Data Science • Tagged with Groovy, Data Science • 1 min read

I was looking through Reddit the other day and came across an interesting post in r/Groovy. The group itself has been relatively dead for a while but sprang to life with a question about using Groovy for Data Science. Granted, Python IS eating the world right now for Data …

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Groovy vs Clojure vs Julia

Posted on 2018-05-28 in Data Science • Tagged with Groovy, Clogure, Julia • 1 min read

Everyone will say "learn java" instead but I really like the speed of these scripting languages. They're like duct tape, can be used to get finish out whatever you're working on if you get stuck somewhere.

Google Trend of Groovy, Clojure, and Julia

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