Revisiting GOOG, GE, NE, IYR from 2007

Posted on Mi 22 Mai 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with GOOG, GE, NE, IYR • 3 min read

I continue on my journey of reviewing old stock picks and calls from 2007. This was back when I thought I could become a stock picking and market timing genius using AI. I was wrong to think that way and this serves as a reminder than long term investing is …

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Real Estate iShares - IYR

Posted on Mi 02 Mai 2007 in Real Estate • Tagged with IYR, IWM, ETF, Trends • 1 min read

Could the trend party in IYR be over? Maybe.

IYR, 05/02/2007

A lot of information can be gleaned from observing a price chart, mostly technical information. A lot of traders/investors forget that fundamental and sentiment information also drives prices up or down.

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