Introduction to Keras

Posted on Mi 24 April 2019 in Data Science • Tagged with Keras, Tutorials, Video, Tensorflow • 1 min read

This is a really great introductory video on Keras and how simple it makes calling complex deep learning libraries like Tensorflow. The 13 year old author builds a great deep learning model in under 100 lines of code.

I do some questions w.r.t. to the AUC score being …

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Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

Posted on Di 15 Mai 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with Keras, TensorFlow • 1 min read

A really good technical introduction to deep learning from @AndrewYNg's Coursera that touches on stocastic gradient descent for optimization, which is really cool in my book. Sample processes are provided on the original article but I think you should just take the Coursera. :)

The following problems are taken from …

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Installing Keras Deep Learning with RapidMiner

Posted on Di 17 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with Keras, Deep Learning • 1 min read

If you watched this great introduction on Deep Learning with Keras and RapidMiner here, you probably want to try it out! I'll warn you though, it's a bit tricky to get this up and running on a Windows machine.

The best place to read up on how to do it …

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Introduction to Deep Learning

Posted on Mo 16 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with RapidMiner, Keras, Deep Learning • 1 min read

This is a great introduction to Deep Learning. I know I learned a few things from Phillip.

Some key concepts

  • RapidMiner now can do GPU deep learning. Supports NVIDIA.
  • Easy: Using already loaded Neural Net operators.
  • Harder: Using Deep Learning operator.
  • Hardest: Using Keras with RapidMiner.
  • Keras requires …

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Keras and NLTK

Posted on Di 15 August 2017 in misc • Tagged with Data Science, Deep Learning, Keras, NLTK, Python, Text Analytics • 4 min read

I've been doing a lot more Python hacking, especially around text mining and using the deep learning library Keras and NLTK. Normally I'd do most of my work in RapidMiner but I wanted to do some grunt work and learn something along the way.  It was really about educating myself …

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