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Consuming REST API's and Text Mining with RapidMiner


  • Online is becoming the 'goto' place for customers to interact with a company
  • Number 1 reason to access chat is to get a quick answer in an emergency
  • RapidMiner uses the Drift API and help user to navigate to the answer
  • Retrieves online chat from REST API > Text Processes conversation > Categorizes via LDA > pushes to RapidMiner Server
  • Need extensions: Text Processing / Operator Toolbox / Web Mining
  • API's respond in JSON Arrays
  • Use Online JSON Viewer to Pretty Print responses
  • Store auth tokens as a macro in RapidMiner
  • Get Page is not a REST API tool, it just queries pages on the internet BUT it has some handy abilities
  • Get Pages > JSON to Data operator.
  • Get the JSON array from Get Pages and convert it via JSON to Data operator


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