Startups and Open Source

Posted on Di 27 November 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with Open Source, Startups • 2 min read

This is my third startup. Or maybe my fourth, I'm not sure but it gets hazy after a while. What I do know is that if I ever do another startup, I'll use open source to make it happen.

Let me explain with a bit of back history.

My most …

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Open Source

Posted on Mo 22 Oktober 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with, Open Source • 3 min read

Dear Friend,

I've been think a lot about open source lately. I've also been thinking of closed source and open core too.

All those words. What do they mean? Why does it sound so important and confusing at the same time?

Selling AI

I'm back in sales now and you …

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Extracting OpenStreetMap Data in RapidMiner

Posted on Fr 30 Oktober 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with Open Source, Open Street Map, RapidMIner, Tutorial • 2 min read

A few weeks ago I wanted to play with the Enrich by Webservice operator. The operator is part of the RapidMiner Web Mining extension and is accessible through the Marketplace. I wanted to do reverse lookups based on latitude and longitude. In my searching I came across this post on …

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