Calling ATR and a Stop Loss Macro In TraderXL Pro

Posted on Di 29 Dezember 2009 in misc • Tagged with Products • 2 min read

Yeah, I still use TraderXL Pro for a bunch of my data manipulation and technical analysis stuff. I use it to download data and run macros through it, macros that I design and then use in my trading screen. After my fucked up 2009 trading year, I had to revamp …

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Product Review: Stock NeuroMaster

Posted on Sa 26 Januar 2008 in misc • Tagged with Products • 2 min read

About a week ago I stumbled across a neat little stock neural net program called, interestingly enough, Stock NeuroMaster. I downloaded it and played around with it during its 14 day trail evaluation and was surprised by how easy it is to use.

Although I'm a heavy duty RapidMiner modeler …

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