Autogenerating Support and Resistance Lines

Posted on 2019-11-06 in Forex • Tagged with Python, Stocks, Forex • 1 min read

Work has been keeping me busy but I found sometime to figure out how to autogenerate support and resistance lines. I cobbled together some code I found online and then made a simple plot. I'm doing this to help me identify the 'zones' in Forex (mostly) and see if I …

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Functional Programming in Python

Posted on 2019-01-13 in Data Science • Tagged with Python, Automation, Programming • 2 min read

I'm spending time trying to understand the differences between writing classes and functions in Python. Which one is better and why? From what I'm gathering, a lot of people are tired of writing classes in general. Classes are used in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and some python coders hate it …

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Changing Pinboard Tags with Python

Posted on 2018-12-12 in Data Science • Tagged with Python, Automation, Pinboard • 2 min read

Welcome to another automation post! This is a super simple Python script for changing misspelled or wrong tags in your Pinboard account. I started using Pinboard again because it helps me save all these great articles I read on the Interwebz, so I can paraphrase and regurgitate them back to …

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Automate Feed Extraction and Posting it to Twitter

Posted on 2018-12-10 in Data Science • Tagged with Python, Automation, Twitter • 2 min read

I wrote a small Python script to automate feed extraction and posting it to Twitter. The feed? My feed burner feed for this site. The script is super simple and uses the Twython, Pandas, and Feedparser libraries. The rest, I believe, comes stock with your Python 3 installation.

How it …

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Extract Blog Post Links from RSS feeds

Posted on 2018-09-09 in Data Science • Tagged with RSS, Python • 2 min read

As part of my goal of automation here, I wrote a small script to extract blog post links from RSS feeds. using Python. I did this to extract the title and link of blog posts from a particular date range in my RSS feed. In theory, it should be pretty …

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