Working on 2020

Posted on 2020-01-10 in Thoughts • Tagged with Newsletter, Random • 2 min read

Happy New Year readers! Granted it's already 10 days into the new year but I've been having a well deserved break and easing back into work. Now that 2020 is here I hope to amp up more of what I did last year. Read more books, go to the Dojo …

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Random Thoughts

Posted on 2019-07-30 in Thoughts • Tagged with Random • 3 min read

July is almost over. I can't believe that the summer is starting to wind down again. Another year entering the 'end game.' So far, it's been a great year. Working at has been hectic but fantastic. I've definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone and have learned …

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Zune Stinks, iPod Rules

Posted on 2007-06-30 in Thoughts • Tagged with Random • 1 min read

It doesn't take a Neural Net model to tell you that the Apple's iPod is running laps around Microsoft's Zune. I even found a blogger, Ms. Danielle, is giving away her Zune after she won it on another blog contest!

ipod, Zune

Remember, an Apple Stock a day keeps the financial blues …

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Monte Carlo Simulations For S&P500 Volatility Timing Model

Posted on 2007-06-29 in Stocks • Tagged with Random • 1 min read

S&P500 Volatility Histogram

I bought a Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel this week and started to play around with it for my S&P500 Volatility Timing Model. Boy am I having fun! I ran the probability of a Financial Asteroid (FA) event happening in a Gaussian distribution world. Based on the simulation, we …

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Taking Care of Business

Posted on 2007-06-26 in misc • Tagged with Random • 1 min read

Blogging and posting will probably be light to non-existent next week as I'll be traveling for work and running into several schedule conflicts.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit my now 100+ posts in the archives, I probably have a post or two that will interest you. Here's …

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