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Hacking Tags with Blot.Im

For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn't have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old Wordpress posts were littered with junk everywhere that I had just abandon posts as they were. Now, with Blot.Im I have two great ways of organizing and using tags. It's so simple that I'm wondering why I didn't start using it right away.

Make a Tag Directory

This is a feature that I just started using and love it from the get-go. It's super simple and all you do is create a folder with []'s in your Blot folder. For example, I have a lot of Tutorial posts that I want to tag as "Tutorial." I just create a folder called [Tutorial] and dropped all posts in there. Instantly they all get tagged as Tutorial.

It gets better. If you create a subfolder called [RapidMiner] in your parent [Tutorial] folder, a post that get's dropped into the subfolder will be auto tagged as "Tutorial, RapidMiner."

This is a handy feature and it keeps things organized and logical, at least for me.

Add Tag Metadata to your post

This is the old fashion way. Just add a "Tags:" to the top of your file and populate it with your tags. Blot.Im will then generate them into tags. Great way to fine tune your tagging.

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What I do

I use a combination of both tagging features. I like to make Tag directories and move my finished posts into them. Sometimes the post will be about a specific topic, say RapidMiner Tutorials, but will have a sub-sub category. This makes it too unwieldy to go to the third or fourth level. In cases like that, I just add a tag to the "Tags:" metadata section and get the best of both worlds.

For example. I write a new RapidMiner Tutorial post and then save it to my [Tutorial]/[RapidMiner] folder. If that post is about using D3js with RapidMiner, I'll just append the "Tags:" section of that post with a "D3js" tag.

It's that simple. I love it.