Hacking Meta Data with Blot.Im - Part 1

Posted on Fr 26 August 2016 in misc • Tagged with Meta Data, CMS, Traffic, Tutorials • 5 min read

I've been looking at ways to hack the SEO and Meta Data with Blot.Im. I wanted to hack the meta data in all my posts so I can use Twitter Cards and Open Graph more effectively. Why? I get a two for one benefit right off the bat. I …

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Blog SEO - Sketching Out Some Thoughts

Posted on Mi 24 August 2016 in misc • Tagged with CMS, Traffic, Sketch • 1 min read

This is my first stab at trying to figure out how to optimize the SEO here. A doodle/sketch just seems the fastest in this case.

PS: I'm such a visual learner.

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Rebuilding a Blog - Part 1

Posted on Mo 11 Juli 2016 in misc • Tagged with Content Marketing, Internet, Blogging, Traffic • 1 min read

My whole "buy a roll of film using Google Adsense" experiment is turning out to be an eye opening one. It's eye opening in the sense of scary.

I took a look at my Google Analytics data from the start of this year through June 30th. It's easy to see …

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