Automate Feed Extraction and Posting it to Twitter

Posted on Mo 10 Dezember 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with Python, Automation, Twitter • 2 min read

I wrote a small Python script to automate feed extraction and posting it to Twitter. The feed? My feed burner feed for this site. The script is super simple and uses the Twython, Pandas, and Feedparser libraries. The rest, I believe, comes stock with your Python 3 installation.

How it …

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The Fallacy of Twitter Bots

Posted on So 09 September 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with Python, Automation, Twitter • 3 min read

I'm going to be the first to admit that I use Python to send out Tweets to my followers. I have a few scripts that parse RSS feeds and do retweets on an hourly basis. They work fine but they do get 'gamed' occasionally. That's the problem with automation, isn't …

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Word2Vec Example Process in RapidMiner

Posted on Do 03 Mai 2018 in misc • Tagged with RapidMiner, Data Science, Word2Vec, Twitter • 2 min read

This is an example process of how to use Word2Vec in RapidMiner with the Search Twitter operator. For more information check out this post on the community.

I'll be going over this in a bit more detail at my next live stream here.


        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><process …

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Enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph in Blot.Im

Posted on Mi 11 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with Blot, Open Graph, Twitter, Cards • 2 min read

I struggled for days on how to correctly enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph (aka Facebook) in my Blot.IM templates! Days!

The problem is now solved and I will share it here with fellow Blotsters. I have to give a big shouout to David from Blot, I couldn't have …

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Best Adsense month so far

Posted on So 04 Dezember 2016 in misc • Tagged with Adsense, Python, Twitter • 1 min read

Last month I made $6.51 from Adsense revenue, the best month so far since I started this experiment. Although I didn’t hit the magic “1 roll of Portra 400” mark, it came pretty close.


I credit a lot of the new Adsense revenue to switching to a WordPress …

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