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Introduction to Keras

This is a really great introductory video on Keras and how simple it makes calling complex deep learning libraries like Tensorflow. The 13 year old author builds a great deep learning model in under 100 lines of code.

I do some questions w.r.t. to the AUC score being 1 (that always raised red flags in my mind) but he he does share the code on Github so everyone can follow along.

This is why I like Keras a lot, it's like H2O.ai and makes the complex work of coding very simple and accessible.


Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial 13 - Parameter Optimization

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In this Rapidminer Video Tutorial I show the user how to use the Parameter Optimization operator to optimize your trained data. The example shows how Rapidminer iterates the learning rate and momentum for a Neural Net Operator to increase the performance of the trained data set.

Video #14 will be about web mining financial text data.

Updated: this tutorial is still valid for RapidMiner versions 5+, 6+, and 7+


Some New Videos

In case you haven't noticed, the RapidMiner YouTube channel has been very active lately. There are new videos being uploaded every week and a fantastic new video series called "5 Minutes With Ingo." I highly recommend watching them because not only are they informative, they're also hilarious.

Yours truly is also back to making videos as well. Up on the site are two videos I made: Twitter Mining for Political Sentiment, and Google Maps Integration, and I just finished recording two new ones this week. I hope to have those up on the channel next week!


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