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Cisco Systems - (CSCO)

I owned Cisco Systems (CSCO) through the dot com years and made a lot of money. I got too greedy and figured the sell off in early 2001 was over blown. Little did I know that I would ride CSCO all the way down to the $20's. The elation you feel when your on the right side of a trend can't compare to the gut wrenching horror you feel when your on the wrong side of it. :)

My guess is that CSCO will pop higher if it can break through that pesky $29.40 resistance area but then again who really knows? CSCO's trend has been dead for years.

CSCO, 6/17/2007


Starbucks - (SBUX)

It seems that lately I've been combing through Wallstrip's archives to see which stocks continued on their trends higher and which didn't. Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) seems to be one thats breaking down since their profile on Wallstrip and I wonder if it will bounce at its 50 month moving average.

SBUX, 6/11/2007

Over expensive and bad tasting coffee is my guess why they're losing their "flavor" with Wall Street investors! :)


Toyota's Trend, My Stupidity

When I was in MBA school, I had a professor who was always looking for a "hot stock" tip. He knew that I had my ear to Wall Street and asked me if there's anything good to buy out there. At the time I remember reading something about Toyota and liking it alot. I told him that I was thinking of buying Toyota (TM) for my 401K. He did, I got distracted and didn't, that was Fall 2003.

This trip down memory lane was jogged when I went through Wallstrip's archives and came across their Toyota video. I thought to myself, what ever happened to TM after my tip?

The short of it was Toyota took off like a rocket, er car.

TM, 6/1/2007

Lesson to myself, don't get distracted!


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