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What Sun Tzu Taught Me About Investing and Building Wealth - Part 1

When I was young lad entering the corporate world, I became enamored with business management. I was so enamored with it that I deceided to get an MBA. While that MBA lead to other things, I tried hard to climb the corporate ladder. I would watch and read anything on management theory and usually some guru would quote Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu was often used to justify some shitty behavior in the name of the company's success.

I was one of those rank and file at the time and usually got crapped on. I hated jackasses like that and still do to this day. One day I had enough and decided to get this book. I wanted to know what sorcery was contained in those passages to justify this villianry.

I read the book. Not only was it eye opening in a self preservation way, I learned a lot of Chinese history and context too. I started to apply Sun Tzu's teachings to many aspects of my life and found it to invaluable.

One aspect I've applied this too is building wealth. I'm going to share some thoughts with you about it:


The first chapter in Sun Tzu's book is about estimation. It's how you test and analyze your enemy. The King wanted to invade a neighboring state and had to think about how to finance the entire operation. Fighting men, equipment, and food were expensive! Also, they evaluated the terrain, alliances, and the moral of their people vs the other state.

You must do the same with whatever money you have. I view every dollar as a soldier in my wealth army. Every time I spend a dollar, I make my army weaker. Every time I get a dollar, I make my army stronger. This particular concept is not hard to grasp. The harder concept to understand is the other estimations. Those are the current job market, your skills, and your savings. Also include the financial markets, and the real estate market. Then check the general moral of the country, it's innovation, etc.

At some point you're going to have to put some of your "soldiers" (money) to work.


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