Latest Writings Elsewhere – December 2018

I’m happy to announce my very first article went live on the blog! Writers gonna write! It’s been a long time since I contributed to my firm’s online content and it feels good to do it again.

The article is about seeking clarity in the Automated Machine Learning space. Why? Because it’s plain confusing. Everyone is coming out with their version of an auto modeling AI product. Some were the first, some are not there yet, and then there’s Driverless AI.

Automated modeling is just a fancy term to make the life of data scientists, engineers, IT administrators, and anyone else in the analytics space easier by automating processes. The IT space has done an amazing job of automating server spin ups, logins, or security. So why shouldn’t we in the AI field do the same? Blog

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while since H2O World in London, but work has been busy! I did find some time pre Thanksgiving Day weekend to work on it, so I’d appreciate it if you gave it a read on the blog.

The Process of Writing

Writing. I have such a love hate relationship with it. I try to write things of interest to my readers but I’m struggling to reconcile what to write about it. So I focus on writing tips and the process. I love the process of writing so much that it gets in the way of actual writing sometimes.

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Latest Writing Elsewhere December 2016

It’s hard to believe but 2016 is over. Here’s a list of my writings elsewhere in December 2016. I’m also including some RapidMiner community solutions that I had a hand in solving.

The Many Tools of Data Prep: Feature Generation & Selection

Upgrading RapidMiner: Where did my Processes Go?!

The Many Tools of Data Prep: Data Types and Conversions

The Many Tools of Data Prep: Data Quality

Operationalizing Analytics – It Shouldn’t Have to Hurt!

Using formulas inside RapidMiner Studio:

Do you really need to do a full re-install of RapidMiner Server?

Excute R vs R Scripting extension. Which is the right one?

Missing Values or Filtering? Which is best?