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Interpreting Machine Learning Models May 9, 2019 H2O.ai & LIME & Shapley Values & MLI & machine learning Shapley Values, MLI I found this short 8 minute video from H2O World about Machine Learning Interpretability (MLI). It’s given by Patrick Hall, the Driving Marketing Performance with H2O Driverless AI Mar 11, 2019 H2O.ai & machine learning I watched this great video of G5 explaining how they use H20-3, AutoML, and Driverless AI to build an NLP model and put it in production. Machine Learning and Data Munging in H2O Driverless AI with datatable Feb 24, 2019 H2O.ai & machine learning I missed this presentation at H2O World and I’m glad it was recorded. Pasha Stetsenko and Oleksly Kononenko give a great presentation on the Python Making AI Happen Without Getting Fired Feb 21, 2019 H2O.ai & AI & Business & thoughts From H2O.ai I watched Mike Gualtieri’s keynote presentation from H2O World San Francisco (2019) and found it to be very insightful from a The Night before H2O World 2019 Feb 2, 2019 H2O.ai & social I’m in Mountain View this week for our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting and will be staying for H2O World this coming Monday and Tuesday. If our Automatic Feature Engineering with Driverless AI Jan 9, 2019 H2O.ai & machine learning H2o.ai Dmitry Larko, Kaggle Grandmaster, and Senior Data Scientist at H2O.ai goes into depth on how to apply feature engineering in general and What's new in Driverless AI? Dec 26, 2018 H2O.ai & machine learning Arno, H2O’s CTO, gave a great 1+ hour overview in what’s new with Driverless AI version 1.4.1. If you check back in a few weeks/months, it’ll Latest Writings Elsewhere - December 2018 Dec 21, 2018 Writing & H2O.ai & social I’m happy to announce my very first article went live on the H2O.ai blog! Writers gonna write! It’s been a long time since I contributed to my H2O AI World 2018 in London Nov 21, 2018 London & H2O.ai & Data Science & social It’s been nearly a whole month since I’ve been back from H2O AI World 2018 in London. First off, London is always a great city. I love it. Add in Isolation Forests in H2O.ai Nov 17, 2018 Data Science & H2O.ai & machine learning A new feature has been added to H2O-3 open source, isolation forests. I’ve always been a fan of understanding outliers and love using One Class H2O World London 2018 - Record Signups! Oct 26, 2018 H2O.ai & machine learning We now return to our regularly scheduled machine learning and sales engineering posts, already in progress… I’m off to London later tonight to go to Open Source Oct 22, 2018 H2O.ai & Open Source & thoughts Dear Friend, I’ve been think a lot about open source lately. I’ve also been thinking of closed source and open core too. All those words. What H2O.ai Oct 3, 2018 H2O.ai & social This week (10/3/18) I traveled to Mountain View, the ground zero of this awesome AI startup. I’m in sales engineering training and learning all the NYC AI Event 2018 Sep 29, 2018 H2O.ai & social Not even two weeks in at H2o.ai and I’m already giving presentations. Boy did I misst this! Sorry for the shaky -photo. Was too excited. Matrix Factorization for Missing Value Imputation Sep 12, 2018 H2O.ai & machine learning I stumbled across an interested reddit post about using matrix factorization (MF) for imputing missing values. The original poster was trying to Guess What? I Joined H20ai! Sep 11, 2018 H2O.ai & social I’m super excited to be joining the ranks of H2O.ai! I’ve accepted an offer to join their Sales team as a Senior Customer Solutions Engineer, and I Exploring H2O.ai Aug 10, 2018 H2O.ai & RapidMiner & machine learning A few years ago RapidMiner incorporated a fantastic open source library from H2O.ai. That gave the platform Deep Learning, GLM, and a GBT algos,