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Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras May 15, 2018 Keras & TensorFlow & machine learning A really good technical introduction to deep learning from @AndrewYNg’s Coursera that touches on stocastic gradient descent for optimization, which Installing Keras Deep Learning with RapidMiner Oct 17, 2017 Keras & Deep Learning & machine learning If you watched this great introduction on Deep Learning with Keras and RapidMiner here, you probably want to try it out! I’ll warn you though, it’s Introduction to Deep Learning Oct 16, 2017 RapidMiner & Keras & Deep Learning & machine learning This is a great introduction to Deep Learning. I know I learned a few things from Phillip. ##Some key concepts RapidMiner now can do GPU deep Keras and NLTK Aug 15, 2017 Data Science & Deep Learning & Keras & NLTK & Python & Text Analytics & Text Mining & Thoughts & machine learning I’ve been doing a lot more Python hacking, especially around text mining and using the deep learning library Keras and NLTK. Normally I’d do most of