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Extract Blog Post Links from RSS feeds Sep 9, 2018 RSS & Python & machine learning As part of my goal of automation here, I wrote a small script to extract blog post links from RSS feeds. using Python. I did this to extract the Python Script to Parse Blog Feeds Apr 3, 2018 Python & RSS & Tutorials & machine learning I recently wrote a small a python script to parse blog feeds and then tweet them out via Twitter. It randomly takes the first 5 RSS entries of a RSS vs Sharing Apr 11, 2016 Blogging & RSS & Social Media & social Trends come and go in the blink of an eye these days. Usually some market disrupter comes along and changes the game with a shiny new thing. Updated RSS feed Mar 5, 2016 RSS & Feed & social Just a quick note. If you want to stay on top of my latests posts, please subscribe to my RSS feed or sign up on my About page to get an email alert