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TensorFlow and High Level APIs Mar 16, 2019 TensorFlow & Data Science & machine learning TensorFlow I got a chance to watch this great presentation on the upcoming release of TensorFlow v2 by Martin Wicke. He goes over the big Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras May 15, 2018 Keras & TensorFlow & machine learning A really good technical introduction to deep learning from @AndrewYNg’s Coursera that touches on stocastic gradient descent for optimization, which Why is Tensorflow so slow? May 11, 2018 Tensorflow & machine learning This article cracks me up. Let’s be real: tensorflow is more like 5 frameworks awkwardly fused together than a single framework - there are so many Data Science and Machine Learning Education Apr 16, 2018 Data Science & Google & TensorFlow & machine learning When I first self-taught myself ‘data science,’ there wasn’t a lot on the Internet to help me. I spent years cobbling information together reading