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Introduction to Keras Apr 24, 2019 Keras & Tutorials & Video & Tensorflow & machine learning This is a really great introductory video on Keras and how simple it makes calling complex deep learning libraries like Tensorflow. The 13 year old Introduction to RapidMiner Server Jul 24, 2018 Data Science & RapidMiner & Tutorials & machine learning I made a new video on RapidMiner Server! This is just a high level overview of the Web GUI and how to navigate through it. In future videos I’ll be Working with the Instagram API, JSONPath, and RapidMiner Jul 12, 2018 Instagram & JSON & RapidMiner & Tutorials & machine learning I used Scott’s excellent RapidMiner Instagram API tutorial to build one of my clients a simple hashtag/keyword tool for brand marketing. The Python Script to Parse Blog Feeds Apr 3, 2018 Python & RSS & Tutorials & machine learning I recently wrote a small a python script to parse blog feeds and then tweet them out via Twitter. It randomly takes the first 5 RSS entries of a Mean Reversion Trading Process in RapidMiner Mar 19, 2018 Mean Reversion & RapidMiner & Trading & Tutorials & machine learning Lately I’ve been think about becoming more active in trading again. I was reviewing some strategies and decided to recreate a mean reversion trading Extract Ernst Hemingway Quotes from Goodreads Feb 20, 2018 RapidMiner & Text Mining & Tutorials & Web Mining & machine learning Here’s a fast and simple process to extract Ernst Hemingway Quotes from Goodreads. The process is not done, I still need to loop over each quote and Use RapidMiner to AutoLabel a Twitter Training Set Sep 9, 2017 Product Marketing & RapidMiner & Tutorials & One-Class & SVM & LIME & machine learning I’ve been struggling with how to separate the signal from noise in Twitter data. There’s great content and sentiment there but it’s buried by Use RapidMiner to Discover Twitter Content Aug 12, 2017 Product Marketing & RapidMiner & Tutorials & machine learning Welcome to this new tutorial on how to use RapidMiner to discover Twitter Content. I created this process as a way to monitor what’s going on in the Mashing Up Julia Language with RapidMiner Feb 10, 2017 Julia Language & RapidMiner & Tutorials & machine learning If you want to execute any Python in RapidMiner, you have to use the Execute Python operator. This operator makes things so simple that people use Latest Writings Elsewhere for September 2016 Sep 29, 2016 Content Marketing & Internet & Data Science & RapidMiner & Tutorials & social Just a quick list of the content I’ve created some place other than this blog. This current list is 100% RapidMiner related but I’d like to branch Hacking Meta Data with Blot.Im - Part 1 Aug 26, 2016 Meta Data & CMS & Traffic & Tutorials & Blot & social I’ve been looking at ways to hack the SEO and Meta Data with Blot.Im. I wanted to hack the meta data in all my posts so I can use Twitter Cards and Hacking Tags with Blot.Im Aug 15, 2016 Tags & Tutorials & Blot & social For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn’t have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old Wordpress posts were littered with junk Hacking Tags with Blot.Im Aug 15, 2016 Tags & Tutorials & machine learning For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn’t have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old Wordpress posts were littered with junk Rapidminer 5.X Video Tutorial #12 - Using the Generate Attribute Operator to Create Trading Rules Oct 5, 2010 RapidMiner & Tutorials & Video & machine learning ** There are NEW livestream videos about RapidMiner! Visit my Channel here ** In this video I highlight the often overlooked (I know I did) Build Your Blog Traffic Using Excel and Data Mining Jun 5, 2007 Excel & Tutorials & SEO & machine learning This past Saturday, I posted about using data mining to look for patterns in your blog traffic. I wrote that you can use something called an Excel Tutorials Apr 1, 2007 Neural Market Trends & Rapidminer & Tutorials & Videos & D3js & Excel & Python & Blot.Im & JuliaLang & R Welcome to Neural Market Trend’s “Tutorials” lesson page. I teach you how to build machine learning models and use Data Science to solve your