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Automate Feed Extraction and Posting it to Twitter Dec 10, 2018 Python & Automation & Twitter & machine learning I wrote a small Python script to automate feed extraction and posting it to Twitter. The feed? My feed burner feed for this site. The script is The Fallacy of Twitter Bots Sep 9, 2018 Python & Automation & Twitter & social I’m going to be the first to admit that I use Python to send out Tweets to my followers. I have a few scripts that parse RSS feeds and do retweets Word2Vec Example Process in RapidMiner May 3, 2018 RapidMiner & Data Science & Word2Vec & Twitter & machine learning This is an example process of how to use Word2Vec in RapidMiner with the Search Twitter operator. For more information check out this post on the Enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph in Blot.Im Oct 11, 2017 Blot & Open Graph & Twitter & Cards & machine learning I struggled for days on how to correctly enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph (aka Facebook) in my Blot.IM templates! Days! The problem is now solved Best Adsense month so far Dec 4, 2016 Adsense & Python & Twitter & social Last month I made $6.51 from Adsense revenue, the best month so far since I started this experiment. Although I didn’t hit the magic “1 roll of A Twitter Bot in Groovy Script - Part 2 Sep 23, 2016 Twitter & Bot & machine learning Just a quick update. I’m trying to integrate my R2D2 Groovy Script into RapidMiner but I’ve run into problems. Originally I tried to copy and paste Regular Expressions by Trial and Error Sep 16, 2016 Regex & Twitter & social This cracked me up because that’s how I learned. /^.*$/g pic.twitter.com/EZd6fv6qdm — The Practical Dev (@ThePracticalDev) September 9, 2016 A Twitter Bot in Groovy Script - Part 1 Aug 29, 2016 Twitter & Bot & machine learning For the last two years I’ve been working with the Twython package to build my (R2D2) Twitter Bot. It’s been successful and I’ve learned how to hack A Simple Blog Post Tweeter Aug 12, 2016 Twitter & machine learning I continue on my journey to rebuild this blog’s traffic. One idea I had was to build a simple Python based blog post tweeter. I would select a blog My latest Twitter "Likes" May 20, 2016 Twitter & Interesting & social Comparing outcomes and foreign policy for Trump vs Hillary in a more rigorous way pic.twitter.com/ujwQS3iXmb — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) Tweeting Sentiment Nov 3, 2010 Text Mining & Twitter & RapidMiner & machine learning Twitter, Sentiment Wow, I finally got my hands on some Twitter data from my collaborative partner and began the process of text mining it. The