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Advice from a Venture Capitialist May 6, 2017 Venture Capital & Startup Funding & Money & thoughts HowardFredHoward’s blog What caught my ear (and Howard’s too) was how his wife (Gotham Girl) is his biggest cheerleader. What does he exactly mean The Freemium Devil Dec 11, 2016 Marketing & Sales & Venture Capital & thoughts I recently read a great article on the Freemium model that resonated with me. It kept me thinking for several days afterwards about how some Taxis v2.0 Mar 31, 2016 Startup & Venture Capital & thoughts I’m completely boggled by the vast amounts of money that’s looking to be invested. It’s been finding homes in Startups from AirBnB to Domo and Uber. Who has the biggest...raise? Mar 29, 2016 Domo & Slack & Tableau & Startup & Venture Capital & IPO & thoughts Venture Beat had an interesting article about Domo’s recent raise, Tableaus’s disappointing market guidance, and Slack raising $ to a possible $5 Domo: We Didn't Need the Money Mar 24, 2016 Domo & Startup & Venture Capital & Slack & thoughts If you work at a startup eventually some of your colleagues will leave for another startup. Some of my old colleagues are now at startups like Fuze, 15 Million Dollars Feb 18, 2015 Venture Capital & Investment & RapidMiner & social Just wanted to share some exciting news! RapidMiner got another round of Venture Capital (VC) funding today. Series B funding closed at $15 million Rapid-I gets $5 Million Infusion Nov 4, 2013 RapidMiner & Venture Capital & social Congrats to the Rapid-I team for getting a $5 million dollar cash infusion and opening a Boston HQ!