The Inevitable Collapse Of The Dollar

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    Thanks to Sherry for this wonderful video on the impending collapse of the USD.  As with any video either promoting gloom and doom or the sky's the limit, we should review it critically because everyone has an agenda, myself included.

    What I can tell you, as a Forex trader, is that we're in the midst of a major trend away from the USD.  The reason is quite simple, US economic fundamentals are dismal and the Fed continues to pump up the money supply just to stabilize us from the real estate and subprime mess.  I happen to agree with the "Fat Man" example in the video and Austrian Economics will tell you that imbalances will eventually correct themselves, no matter how hard you try to intervene (ala Federal Reserve).

    What does this mean?  Well I for one have been slowly buying non USD denominated assets in my Forex Acct.

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