The Kimono Traders

Posted on Fr 28 Dezember 2007 in misc • 2 min read

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    I've posted about this before or at least linked it in my link role but Japanese women have taken to the Forex markets in droves. They, for the most part, are carry traders and routinely sell yen for higher yielding currencies like the Kiwi or the Aussie D.

    Of course this article talks about how great women traders are with respect to men traders because they have a better eye for detail and minute changes.  All I can say to that is that women are better at some things and men are better at other things.

    Proud of her class, Ms Kuriki stresses that her students, by the time she has finished with them, are not simply haphazard stock-pickers. “They are not like a lot of men. Women sell quickly when shares start falling, but they are much quicker than men to get back into the market and start buying again on the dips. Men decide on the basis of theory or past experience. Women look at the fundamentals.” [via Times Online]

    This is quite interesting and perhaps offers an explaination for why the carry trade can be so volatile. If the Kimono Traders sell at the first hint of danger, imagine if large money decides to force their hand? It could turn into a Kimono bloodbath!

    I wonder how I could capitalize on this?  After all, the financial markets are full-time war, not Hello Kitty land.