Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

Posted on Fr 29 Februar 2008 in misc • 2 min read

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I’ve been thinking of entrepreneurship a lot lately as a way for me to express my ideas and become independent from the corporate purse strings.

Recently I’ve come across some solid entrepreneurial opportunities and I’m seriously thinking about taking hold of them. I’m not talking about being a Real Estate Investor, or Forex Trader but something more mundane, Engineering. The beauty of Engineering is that the solutions to your clients problems are in your head and that you don’t need a big factory to bring them to life. You just need yourself, a computer, and a calculator. The payoff in my mind is immediate and I could make a few thousand dollars over a weekend instead of placing Adsense on my blog to make a few pennies.

It sounds like a no brainer to jump into this but you have to plan it carefully. The majority of all Engineering work a private company does is from referrals and my contact base is not yet big enough to generate enough leads to survive on. I think I'm 50% there so I need time to build that, unless I join my friend in California who has an established one person company.


If I decide to chase these opportunities I'd have to spend considerable time implementing them. A lot can go wrong so I need to prepare a plan and take the first steps toward building a solid client base, saving some money (or raising it) to buy some computers and software, and making the transition. Maybe I'll ask Howard for some tips, he's the addicted entrepreneur after all!