Time To Buy The Malaysia iShares?

Stock NeuroMaster, EWM, 05/16/2008

Actually its a time to SELL any positions you have in the Malaysia iShares ([EWM]{.small-caps}). My neural net model issued a [SELL]{.small-caps} signal for today’s open. Your estimated gross return for the most recent position is about 1.6% (not incl fees and commissions) based on yesterday’s close.

I really like [EWM]{.small-caps} and have traded her several times in the past and I’m looking for the next [BUY]{.small-caps} signal from the neural net model to go long. The trick I learned to trading [EWM]{.small-caps} successfully is to always use stops and trailing stops, because [EWM]{.small-caps} can change in an instant!

I hope that my readers have downloaded the 14 day trail version of this software and are testing it out for themselves. Check out my videos on how to use this program and create your very own stock neural net models in minutes.

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