Tips and Tricks Using Rapidminer – Balancing Data

rapidminer, d3js, radoop

Posted another tips and tricks video using Rapidminer. This one is about how to balance and sample data from a large data set (10 million rows).

You can download the original CSV file here: CreditCardData.csv

5 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks Using Rapidminer – Balancing Data”

    1. Hi Vladimir,
      I found the dataset via KDD Nuggets a long time ago but I can’t seem to find the link at this moment. I was from a hackathon to test to see how fast some tools can process a classification model from the data. I do remember it being split up into several CSV files that I merged together into one data set. Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Vladimir, I exported the file to CSV and have uploaded it to this post for you. You may import and go through the steps I show in my video, if you like.

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