Today Was A Day To BUY!

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    Trading In BrazilToday was a doozy of a day and my S&P500 Volatility model flashed a BUY signal right before lunch. I took advantage of it by rotating some idle cash in our 401K accounts into mutual funds. Volatility begets volatility!

    Who knows, we could see more of this action tomorrow but I'm sitting tight right now with what I consider a good buy on a dip, days like this don't come very often and they're a long term holder's dream (at least for me).

    Remember, you have to have a very long term outlook to time and trade the market this way. I've been doing it for years and it works well for me, it might not for you! You could easily see short term losses as I explained previously!

    FYI: Some Readers took me up on my offer to be on my email alert list. I notified them today and hope they found some good opportunities! To be added to the list, just contact me with your email address and I'll add you to it!

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