A Twitter Bot in Groovy Script - Part 2

Just a quick update.

I’m trying to integrate my R2D2 Groovy Script into RapidMiner but I’ve run into problems. Originally I tried to copy and paste the groovy script from my last post directly into the Execute Script operator in RapidMiner (v7.2) but when I executed it, it failed. It gave me Classpath errors and problems calling the TwitterFactory Class.

I had installed the Twitter4j JAR file into my /lib directory and checked all my environmental path configurations. I was going nuts until I asked Helge from our Support group.

It turns out that many Java related security enhancements were made in RapidMiner v7.2. Most notably was the disabling of reflection” which is used by the TwitterFactory class in Twitter4j. This is what cause it blow up when I executed it.

Helge suggested to try it with version 7.1, and I did. It worked perfectly.

So what to do now? Either I build the entire Twitter Bot by hand in Groovy or I just go back to my Python one.


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