Undocumented Workers & Inflation

Rio Grande River

About a week ago I met up with the MarketDoctor for drinks. We do this from time to time to lament on the sad state of the economy and all that’s wrong with this country, while downing a few beers. Our usual topic of discussion is about the rampant inflation rate that’s been hidden in our economy and reported as part of the "volatile” food and energy portion of the CPI.

That particular night we talked about how the undocumented worker actually helps keep inflation lower than what it should be. With an estimated workforce of about 12 million undocumented workers doing the jobs you don’t want to anymore, imagine what the true price would be for apples and oranges in the supermarket if they had been picked by American workers? The volatile food part of the misaligned and outdated CPI index would probably shoot off the charts!!!

Remember kids, there’s no inflation as long as you don’t eat or drive to work! What a crock of [BS]{.small-caps} that we’re fed from Bernanke and our Government. We should be ashamed to believe those monkeys.

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