Update on the ExxonMobil Model

Posted on Fr 11 April 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    SNM-XOM-041008My Exxon Mobil neural net model went long on 3/24/08 and finally gave a SELL signal on 4/4/08. That move would've netted you over +3.5% (not incl fees and omissions). Subsequently, it gave another BUY signal on 4/7/08 and closed that position on the morning of 4/10/08 (SELL signal on 4/9/08) for a small gain.

    Today its giving us another BUY signal to go long at the open today! I hope that my readers have downloaded the 14 day trail version of this software and are testing it out for themselves. Check out my videos on how to use this program and create your very own stock neural net models in minutes.