US Economy On The Mend? Part 2

Posted on Di 27 November 2007 in misc • 2 min read

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    To build on yesterday's post, I called a few more of my Civil Engineering buddies yesterday, one resides in California and other in NJ.  Both gave me conflicting reports on how active their phone has been ringing. My NJ buddy told me that his phone has been very active but its because owners want to finish up their work before their permits run out. According to him, many of them got their construction permits and waited to see if the Real Estate market would firm up. Well we know that RE market actually softened so now its a scramble to get the work done quickly. This was not good news and his outlook is neutral to negative for work.

    My California buddy told me that his phone was ringing like crazy in October but hasn't rung once in November. This is a mixed reading because he typically slows down in November and December and he couldn't tell if it was due to the economy or just from the yearly cycle. His outlook is neutral and he's hoping for more work in 2008.

    I think its interesting to summarize these findings into a poll so I'm unveiling my new Economy and Engineering Work Poll. I hope to update it occasionally and as time permits.

    • NJ Engineer #1 - UP
    • NJ Engineer #2 - NEUTRAL
    • CA Engineer #1 - NEUTRAL
    • Me - UP

    My New Mexico and Kansas buddies haven't reported in yet and I'll post that information as soon as I know!