Using Python with RapidMiner

Just a quick note, I recently recorded a new video on how to use Python with RapidMiner Studio. This was part of the “Everyday Data Science with Tom Ott” series and you can check out more of my RapidMiner videos here.

Using Python with RapidMiner

In this video I show you how to use the Twython package and RapidMiner’s Text Mining extension to load Twitter tweets, text process them, and post a retweet based on your text processed data!

Update: This video and process was made prior to the introduction of the native Twitter operators, but the original strategy remains.

Update2: As of late 2017, this video is no longer available on RapidMiner’s YouTube channel. I do not have access to the video BUT I do have the sample process.¬† Just replace the app_key, app_secrete, oauth_token, and oauth_secrete with your own keys.


4 thoughts on “Using Python with RapidMiner”

  1. Can we crawl data of multiple websites using rapid miner? if so how to do one level down crawling?

    1. Yes, you can crawl multiple websites with RapidMiner. The operators Get Pages or Crawl Web will allow you set parameters for the crawl.

      1. I used both get pages and crawl web but I am able to crawl only the content in a page but not able to crawl the hyper links which are present in that page…….. can pls tell a solution for that?

        1. You will need to add parameters to the “Edit Crawling Rules” box. There a selections to follow links, follow text, store links matching a rule, etc.

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