VIX Buy/Sell Signals For Option Traders

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    Ah, the almighty ^VIX, everyone's favorite indicator and the one index that a lot of option traders watch with bated breath.  What if I were to tell you that you can use Stock Neuromaster to generate BUY/SELL signals for the ^VIX?  Would you be interested?

    SNM-VIX-030808I'm sure that option traders and writers would be keenly interested if a^VIX neural net model generated a SELL signal for a new short position because it would mean volatility is expected to drop.  If it generated a BUY signal for a long position, then the option trader would expect volatility to increase! Don't believe me?  Here's the chart!

    Another way to use this when trading options is to build a neural net model for a particular stock and then buy/sell call and put options against it!


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