Posted on Mo 03 Juni 2013 in misc • 1 min read

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    I don't do much trading these days, only to establish positions for my long term portfolios. If I'm establishing a new position, I usually get in with a very small
    position (too keep risk low), and then gradually add to it if the asset
    moves in the right direction. So I do use stops and keep an eye on how
    the asset is trading.

    Finding the right time to buy is just as hard as knowing the right time to sell, but I like to look for price support after sell off's for good times to buy.  Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale, right? Sometimes I buy at the wrong time, like my recent VNQ trade. I went long right at that long legged spinning top as it touched the blue trendline figuring it would reverse, but it didn't.  I lost a bit of money but nothing as much as I would've lost if I held onto it.