Volatility for the Nasdaq 100 Trust Shares - (QQQQ)

Posted on Do 28 Juni 2007 in Stocks • 1 min read

The Nasdaq 100 Trust shares (QQQQ) has been doing pretty well since July of last year but the question is, will this trend continue? That's an interesting question because I really don't know. From the candlestick chart it looks like it might if it can clear the $47.92 level.

QQQQ, 06/27/2007

Either way, the QQQQ's is a very volatile ETF as seen on my daily volatility chart. I drew in the one, two, and three standard deviations for it and the last 3 STDEV move was this past February (2/27/2007). If I applied my S&P500 timing rules to the QQQQ's then then 2/27/2007 was a prime buying day.

Still though, the QQQQ's usually see 2 STDEV volatility moves more often than not. If I were a daytrader, I'd be trading this market!