Volatility for the Nasdaq 100 Trust Shares - (QQQQ)

The Nasdaq 100 Trust shares (QQQQ) has been doing pretty well since July of last year but the question is, will this trend continue? That's an interesting question because I really don't know. From the candlestick chart it looks like it might if it can clear the $47.92 level.

QQQQ, 06/27/2007

Either way, the QQQQ's is a very volatile ETF as seen on my daily volatility chart. I drew in the one, two, and three standard deviations for it and the last 3 STDEV move was this past February (2/27/2007). If I applied my S&P500 timing rules to the QQQQ's then then 2/27/2007 was a prime buying day.

Still though, the QQQQ's usually see 2 STDEV volatility moves more often than not. If I were a daytrader, I'd be trading this market!

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