Where I've been hiding

I’ve recently taken on a new role at RapidMiner. I’m now the Community Manager for entire RapidMiner Community. It’s a pretty big task and felt a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m getting into a groove. I took over the Community at the end of January and focused on small changes and quick wins. Above all my colleagues and I started answering new posts quicker than ever and with more discussion. We even dug into older questions that were never answered!

We’ve been pretty successful so far in reinvigorating the Community and our NPS score from Community members puts us around 9 out of 10 on average. That makes me happy, I love having happy RapidMiner users and fostering a great discussions.

What’s the best part of being a part of the Community? Getting to interact with some of the Developers, Data Scientists, and others to catch a glimpse of what’s in our heads.

Oh, did I mention Easter Eggs? Yes, I hid some fun Easter Eggs in the Community for Active Users.

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