Why Tesla?

I recently added Tesla (TSLA) to my personal holdings. I did this in response to President Trump’s withdrawl from the Paris Climate Accord. Renewable energy is where the jobs of the future are and Tesla is primed to take advantage of it because of it’s Powerwall product. IMHO.

There is a lot of talk about how Elon Musk and other purveyors of solar, wind, energy storage etc., all classified as Distributed Energy Resources (DER), are disrupting the traditional utility, a utility that operated on a centralized business model of generating electricity in one location and transmitting it over a distance to a customer who paid for whatever amount of electricity they consumed. This disruption is central to what Musk is looking to do with Tesla. by Seyi Fabode

The markets like TSLA, enough said.

Up next Parabolic Bitcoin Prices I’ve certainly been aware of this, especially of all the silly “if this trend continues, bitcoin will be work $250,000/coin” articles. Maybe a RapidMiner Training 2017 I just capped off a 4 day RapidMiner training class in NYC last week. It was a ton of fun and I got to meet lots of super smart and cool people.
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