Wine Review

Posted on Fr 23 November 2007 in misc • 1 min read

Red Wine (Ed. This is repost of a wine review from my old site

This week’s wine was another fantastic find at Bottle King. I got a call from my wife, S, at work asking to pick up a red wine for Friday night. My wife S generally doesn’t drink and doesn’t know wine at all, but she has a keenly developed sense of taste. So in order not to scare her away, I decided to pick up an easy to drink Chianti. I scanned the aisles for a while and came across an Italian Chianti for a decent price. I decided to try it out and was really surprised by how easy and delicious it is to drink. Lately, all my experiences with newly imported Italian wines has been very good indeed!

  • Name: Terra Nostra, Chianti Riserva, 2003
  • Type: Red
  • Region: Pontedera, Italy
  • Cost: \$9.99

First impressions: Nice solid red color and really mellow to drink. It has a cherry/blackberry bouquet with a pleasant after taste. The flavors seem to dance around your tongue and is perfect for drinking at picnic or served along a broiled fish dish.

Tip: Let this wine breath for 10-15 minutes.

This wine is slightly better than the Regaleali, Nero D’ Avola, 2004 I reviewed previously (repost coming). For the price and good taste, I rate this a 4 stars!