Working On A Time Series Tutorial

Posted on Mi 10 März 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    Its hard to believe but I'm already 50% done with my first batch of Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorials.  So far, the reception has been positive and I thank everyone who emailed me, IM'd me, or commented on these tutorials.  I made a promise to myself to make a batch of 10 video tutorials first before I re-engineer this website further.

    So far so good and I'm on target to record a new video tutorial tonight or tomorrow morning.  Video #6 will be about creating decision trees in Rapidminer  for a direct mail marketing example.  For video #7, I'll probably focus on an evolutionary weighting example, and then close out the remaining 3 tutorials with financial time series examples.

    Below is an screenshot of one of the time series examples I'm working on. This is a time series chart of the S&P500 with a neural net generated trend line.  Neat, huh?