You Got Rapidminer Questions? We Got Answers

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    I just wanted to remind my readers, and any new readers, that between the Rapid-I forums, the Rapid-I Blog,  my blog, and my NMT forums, there is an amazing amount of answers to your questions!

    First and foremost, the Rapid-I forums and my forums should be your first stop for questions not answered in our growing video library of tutorials.  If that fails, a well thought out (and written) email to yours truly is appreciated. I try to answer every email and forum post (if another reader hasn't already) I get, but I do a lot of traveling for work and sometimes I forget or don't answer right away. Please keep pestering me! =)

    If you're just interested in learning about new upcoming functionality in Rapidminer OR just seeing some great ways to extend this software, check out the Rapid-I blog too.  Ingo does and great job showcasing Rapidminer's existing and future functionality and you should put their RSS feed in your reader.


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