Hacking Meta Data with Blot.Im - Part 1
I’ve been looking at ways to hack the SEO and Meta Data with Blot.Im. I wanted to hack the meta data in all my posts so I can use Twitter Cards and ...Read More
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Current Status - Spring Lake Beach NJ
...Read More
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Blog SEO - Sketching Out Some Thoughts
This is my first stab at trying to figure out how to optimize the SEO here. A doodle/sketch just seems the fastest in this case. PS: I’m such a ...Read More
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America Is Great
First off this is not a political post but I will come out and say it. Make America Great Again is a stupid slogan. I admit there are problems with ...Read More
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Hacking Tags with Blot.Im
For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn’t have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old Wordpress posts were littered with junk ...Read More
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A Simple Blog Post Tweeter
I continue on my journey to rebuild this blog’s traffic. One idea I had was to build a simple Python based blog post tweeter. I would select a blog ...Read More
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SEO Health Checkup
I’m busy with revamping this website, trying to rebuild its traffic. I spend my free time analyzing Google Analytics and checking Google Webmaster. ...Read More
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Rebuilding a Blog - Part 2
What’s not surprising is that my readers come from all over the world. The map below are where they came from in the first half of 2016. The ...Read More
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Blog Income Report
This month I made less in Google Adsense than I did the previous month. This month I generated $0.83. This sucks and at this rate I can’t even buy ...Read More
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Rebuilding a Blog - Part 1
My whole “buy a roll of film using Google Adsense” experiment is turning out to be an eye opening one. It’s eye opening in the sense of scary. I ...Read More
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