July 11, 2016 Marketing Internet Blogging Traffic

Rebuilding a Blog - Part 1

My whole buy a roll of film using Google Adsense experiment is turning out to be an eye opening one. It’s eye opening in the sense of scary.

I took a look at my Google Analytics data from the start of this year through June 30th. It’s easy to see that my engagement is dwindling away.

When I actually add a trend line, I can confirm that the trend is down.

Further, If I look at the most popular blog posts it’s easy to see that it’s my RapidMiner Tutorials (milkshake) that brings all the readers to the yard.

Since I’m now spending my time on the RapidMiner Community and won’t be posting Tutorials here anymore, I expect this blog to die a very slow and painful death.

Unless I step in and stop it.

How? By rebuilding this blog and remaining relevant.

I’m starting a multi part series on how to rebuild a blog, gather metrics, and measure success. I’ll use the revenues I generate from Google Adsense and various conversion rates to gauge how well I’m doing. Of course, I’ll add a dash of Data Science in there as well using my favorite tool: RapidMiner.

July 8, 2016 Blogging Income Marketing Adsense Film

Blog Income Report for June 2016

This month I made less in Google Adsense than I did the previous month. This month I generated $1.91 which is just barely 0.20 of a roll of Porta 400 film.

If I add that to last month’s income, I’d have a whopping 0.47 rolls of film, less than half. At this rate, by September I could cash out and get a single roll of film. LOL.

July 1, 2016 FTSE Brexit

Brexit Recovery?

Something’s going on, interesting to see the FTSE charging through the 200 WMA.

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