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Thomas N. Ott

Sales Engineer at RapidMiner, Tech Evangelist, Tinkerer, Brewer, Yogurt Maker.

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D3js Scatter Plot in RapidMiner

Continuing on the theme of using D3js to visualize RapidMiner results, this time I show you how to skip putting it into a RapidMiner Server dashboard. I simp...

Extending GIS in RapidMiner

My talented coworker and GIS expert, Balázs Bárány, made some amazing progress on extending GIS in RapidMiner. Using Groovy Script, and the Execute Script op...

Coding RapidMiner in Python

Back in middle school we learned about log tables. We learned how to look them up in a table, interpolate them, and then use the result in our equations. Lat...