Neural Market Trends
Revisiting GOOG, GE, NE, IYR from 2007 I continue on my journey of reviewing old stock picks and calls from 2007. This was back when I thought I could become a stock picking and market May 22, 2019 GOOG & GE & NE & IYR & social
Revisiting GOOG, GE, NE, IYR from 2007 May 22, 2019 GOOG & GE & NE & IYR & social I continue on my journey of reviewing old stock picks and calls from 2007. This was back when I thought I could become a stock picking and market The Ye Old Blog List May 20, 2019 Blogging & Writing & Trading & Investing & thoughts Blogging, Writing Back when I started blogging in 2005-ish, I had a few blogs that destructed due to bad software or databases. My Sixth World News Motorola: Then and Now May 18, 2019 MOT & MSI & Investing & social Just over 12 years ago I posted about how Motorola (MOT) was in a downtrend because it couldn’t come up with a new breakthrough product. The Razr EWM Redux May 17, 2019 EWM & ETF & Trends & thoughts Just a few days ago I found some old Neural Market Trends posts that I archived when I switched between blogging platforms. These were mostly about Testing for mean reversion with Python & developing simple VIX system - Talaikis unsorted - Tadas Talaikis Blog May 12, 2019 machine learning Steps to calculate centroids in cluster using K-means clustering algorithm - Data Science Central May 12, 2019 machine learning Basics of Statistical Mean Reversion Testing - QuantStart May 12, 2019 machine learning Algorithmic trading in less than 100 lines of Python code - O’Reilly Media May 11, 2019 machine learning Interpreting Machine Learning Models May 9, 2019 H2O.ai & LIME & Shapley Values & MLI & machine learning Shapley Values, MLI I found this short 8 minute video from H2O World about Machine Learning Interpretability (MLI). It’s given by Patrick Hall, the Microsoft the AI Powerhouse May 7, 2019 Investing & AI & Trends & thoughts I’ve been a long term shareholder of MSFT and I’ve been rewarded quite well. Under the leadership of CEO Nadella, Microsoft has become and AI Investing in the S&P500 still beats AI Trading May 6, 2019 thoughts investing in the s&p500 still beats ai trading Microsoft makes a push to simplify machine learning | TechCrunch May 3, 2019 machine learning 10 Great Articles On Python Development — Hacker Noon May 2, 2019 machine learning Introduction to Keras Apr 24, 2019 Keras & Tutorials & Video & Tensorflow & machine learning This is a really great introductory video on Keras and how simple it makes calling complex deep learning libraries like Tensorflow. The 13 year old Democratising Machine learning with H2O — Towards Data Science Apr 23, 2019 machine learning Getting started with Python datatable | Kaggle Apr 23, 2019 machine learning Phone Addiction Apr 22, 2019 Vacation & Society & Observation & social Sunset on the Atlantic Ocean The family and I took a cruise over Spring Break and had a blast. Even though I feel a bit out of place in these Version 12 Launches Today! Apr 21, 2019 social (And It’s a Big Jump for Wolfram Language and Mathematica)—Stephen Wolfram Blog Machine Learning Making Pesto Tastier Apr 4, 2019 Food & machine learning Waterfall Now this is something I can get behind, using machine learning to make Pesto tastier! The article is really about growing Basil with 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do Apr 1, 2019 Education & Children & thoughts Understanding how adults and children learn is something I’ve been interested in ever since I became a Dad. My wife and I stay heavily invested in
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