About this site

Neural Market Trends is an award-winning data science and machine learning blog created by Thomas Ott in 2007.

About this site

Welcome to Neural Market Trends, an award-winning data science and machine learning blog created by Thomas Ott in 2007. In the past, my blog focused on RapidMiner Tutorials and their application to the Financial Markets. As sidebars, I wrote a commentary on Trading, Forex the Markets, Investing, and the market implosion in 2007 / 2008.

My blog has undergone many changes over the years and it continues to do so. I wrote a lot of RapidMiner and other Data Science and Machine Learning tutorials, made videos, and then started focusing on SEO and Startup life. Those were and will always be good times.

I joined RapidMiner in 2014 and built my data science career there. I met so many amazing people and still count many as good friends. It was a dream. I left in 2017 to start my own Data Science consultancy and an educational company called - what else - Neural Market Trends!

I closed down his consultancy in September 2018 when he joined the ranks of H2O.ai as a Senior Customer Sales Engineer.

Who am I today

I still work for H2O.ai as a Sales Engineer/Senior Consultant in 2023 and I spend my day coding and selling H2O products. It's a fantastic career and I love what I do every day. I owe this site so much because it gave me my start in the startup world.

What do I plan to do with this blog

I love writing and I love the intersection of technology, AI, SEO, and all kinds of techno-nerdy stuff. I've been writing up a storm on Medium these days and have caught a ride on the dragon's tail. October 2022 will mark my first $100 earnings month. While I can't live on that, it's validation that I'm doing something right.

That's inspiring me to shake the dust off here and take Neural Market Trends in a new direction.

Where to find me

I'm on LinkedIn. I have my own GitHub where I share H2O & RapidMiner tutorials and other bits of code. You can view my old YouTube videos if videos you like.

Disclosure Information

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