Current Stock Positions - Dec 2009

Posted on Do 24 Dezember 2009 in misc • 1 min read

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    I'm using a very simple trend strategy now.  I just buy all-time highs, use strict positioning sizes, and enter a volatility stop each and everytime.  I let the market tell me which stocks to buy (and when to get out) instead of a complicated neural net system.

    My $GOLD trade was the beginning of my simplification of my trend strategy, it was a winner and I realized that perhaps I've been doing everything wrong.  It wasn't until November that I started entering positions, losing a bit of money here and there, and then finally honing my new strategy.

    Positions sold or reduced

    1. $GOLD (sold 6/3/09)
    2. $JNJ (sold 12/22/09)

    Current Positions

    1. $DTV
    2. $WCRX
    3. $JNJ
    4. $V


    1. $TEVA
    2. $SWN