Groovy for Data Science

Posted on Fr 17 Januar 2020 in Data Science • 1 min read

I was looking through Reddit the other day and came across an interesting post in r/Groovy. The group itself has been relatively dead for a while but sprang to life with a question about using Groovy for Data Science. Granted, Python IS eating the world right now for Data Science with R right behind it and Java still hanging out with all the Big Data stuff.

I've always liked Groovy because it's very Python like (high level-ish) but compiles down to byte-code during runtime. It's multithreaded and concurrent. I know that Python attempts to do this and there are many hackish ways to make it as fast as C, but you have to know how to do it. High performance python is an art form beyond the Data Science world IMHO.

The Reddit post had a link to a set of slides from Dr. Paul King of Object Computing Inc. I did some sleuthing and came across an hour long presentation and I think it's fantastic.