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I have news.

I’ve been mulling around the idea for this post for the last two years, ever since I joined RapidMiner. The journey at RapidMiner has been and continues to be fantastic. In those short two years I’ve worn many hats there, I started as a Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant, then moved to a Sales Engineer role, and now I’m Marketing Data Scientist. I’ve made the move from Sales to Marketing and my chips remain all in.

But…change is inevitable.

In my new role, I will be responsible for curation and generation of great new content for RapidMiner, something that I’m fluent with after blogging for many years. My Tutorials page is the most visited page here and my YouTube videos - although outdated - still get a A LOT of mileage. The fact that people have learned how to use RapidMiner from my videos brings a smile to my face, every time I think about that.

Ok? So what am I getting at?

The Pivot!

Welcome to the Pivot. I will no longer be generating Tutorials or Videos about RapidMiner here, rather that stuff will live at the RapidMiner. We’ve recently relaunched our Community and we’ll be organizing all kinds of content (videos, white papers, tips and tricks, etc) through the RapidMiner portal.

This makes complete sense from an organizational perspective but it will come at a price to this site. I fully expect my readership, views and interaction to dwindle as people begin to migrate to the RapidMiner portal.

I’m completely OK with that. Yes, seriously.

So what does this mean for this blog? Will it shut down? Nope, Neural Market Trends will continue, my Tutorial page will remain up, but I will be changing the focus of this blog. I’ve already alluded to to this in my About section. I want to start sharing more thoughts and experiences around my journey in the startup, marketing and sales worlds. I feel like I can contribute and help a lot of people by sharing what I’ve learned. All the good and the bad.

Yes it feels scary to make such a pivot but you have to kick yourself out of the comfort zone to grow. I look forward to this new direction and I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Above all and once again, thank you to all who made this blog what it was and what it will become. Thanks to everyone that has commented, watched a tutorial video, emailed me their thoughts, or met me at some function. It really means a lot to me.


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