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I was reading the news this morning about how AMD is getting more investor’s interest as a competitor to NVDA’s GPU chips. This always happens when a momentum/trend darling gets too expensive or too crazy for the smaller boys to handle. NVDA is in squarely in the hands of the big boy gamblers and if you can’t run with them dawgs, you better go find something else to trade.

Hello AMD!

Both stocks are moving higher in the market, with NVDA going to the moon (as stonk investors from r/WSB say), but AMD is not slouch either as the charts below show.

NVDA daily stock price AMD daily stock price

If you ask me what the real reason AMD is getting noticed is it’s all time high. Yes, momemntum players love well established companies making all time highs. It’s so much easier to buy high and sell higher, you just have to be first to get out.

NVDA price trend

Both of these stocks are showing good up trends, which makes since since they’re momentum plays on AI. If you ask me, this is the only way to make money in the AI space. Sell the GPUs to all the AI modelers. It’s like selling the gold pans to the prospectors.

AMD price trend

So which company do you choose? Personally, I much prefer to stick with the leader of the group because the relative performance chart shows NVDA outpeforming AMD by a wide margin.

NVDA vs AMD relative performance

Who knows, maybe NVDA will slow down at bit here. It has been on a huge run and might need to take breather. Hell, the entire market needs to take a breather here, but it’s worth to keep an eye on AMD here.

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